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Working Full-time? Keep Your House Clean With These 6 Tips

How do you avoid getting swallowed by a full-time job and actually keeping your house tidy and clean? Below, we’ve got a handful of tips you can start using now to keep your place sparkling, even if your work schedule is packed!

Tip #1. Grab those tiny pockets of free time

You might believe that maintaining a presentable living space requires marathon cleaning sessions. But guess what? You can sneak in short cleaning bursts between other tasks and still end up with a shiny place over time!

Wipe down surfaces quickly post-dinner or dust your window sills while you wait for the microwave to go off. You can also assign different tasks to different days to see what fits you better without drowning in chores.

Tip #2. Keep your cleaning gear organized

Save time by stashing your cleaning arsenal in a designated spot, like a storage closet. Additionally, you can strategically place specific cleaning supplies where they’re needed most, like keeping the toilet cleaner under the bathroom sink.

No more treasure hunts for supplies means better use of your available time and less stress. When time is of the essence, efficiency is the secret sauce. And make sure to stay ahead in the supply game—hit the store before you run out!

Tip #3. Save the heavy lifting for the weekends

Don’t burn yourself out during the week; reserve the heavy-duty tasks for the weekends! Start by charting out a cleaning game plan and organizing tasks by time and difficulty.

This way, you won’t be scrambling for time during the week and can conserve your energy for the weekends. Besides, you’ll also save time by anticipating which tasks to tackle.

Tip #4. Embrace tech as your backup

It’s completely normal to forget a couple of things when you have a packed schedule. You can rely on technology to keep a register of what you need to do. Grab your phone and snag cleaning apps loaded with schedules, checklists, and reminders.

Tech also plays a role in cleaning products. For example, you can consider getting a robot vacuum, so it takes care of the dust while you enjoy your free time!

Tip #5. Team up for better cleanup

Tackling cleaning responsibilities as a squad cuts down on the time and effort required! Sit down with your family or roommates and create a cleaning schedule together so everyone pitches in. By crafting a plan as a team, you ensure everyone stays committed!

Pro-tip: Living alone? Call your friends for a cleaning meetup; you’ll end up with a spick-and-span space, and you and your pals can chill afterward.

Tip #6. Prioritize self-care

A pristine home is the dream of every homeowner, but not at the expense of your health. Aiming for a flawlessly clean house every single day is neither realistic nor sustainable. Every home experiences a bit of chaos from time to time.

If you go all-in for a perfect home at any cost, you’ll end up depleted and stressed. Find that sweet spot that keeps your home in order while still leaving enough energy to savor your downtime!

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