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Frequently Asked Questions

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Available in : Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere, Cochrane, and Surrounding Area.
Feel free to call us at (403) 536-4088

Getting Started

No, absolutely not! The decision to stick around or head out and take advantage of your free time is completely up to you. Just leave us a key or provide instructions for how we can get in and we promise to get your house cleaned safely and thoroughly! In accordance with the current covid-19 pandemic though, we do request that you stay in another room if possible. Safety and security are something we’re very adamant about at WestMaids.

This will depend on the condition and size of your home. We like to be thorough while also working within a reasonable time frame. Typically, we spend 1 hour per 1 room of your apartment/home. Ex. a house with 3 bedrooms will take approximately 3+ hours to be cleaned from top to bottom. Of course this can change based on several variables and may be subject to a price increase. 

You can book a house cleaning with ease through our quick and secure booking form by clicking this link – book your cleaning services here. Alternatively, you can give us a call and one of our customer service representatives will walk you through the process and book your cleaning service as accurately as possible.

We typically aim to send a team of 2+ for all of our cleans, but this doesn’t always work out with our scheduling. Therefore on most occasions if the timeframe is feasible we will send one of our cleaning professionals to get the job done right. If we intend to add any additional house cleaners for a bigger job you’ll be notified in advance so you can plan out your day accordingly. 

Of course! Bookings that are cancelled within 24 hours may be subject to cancellation fees, but in terms of a recurring service you have no obligations or contracts and you’re welcome to cancel at any time. We do however, encourage that you contact one of our customer service representatives first if you have any issues or concerns prior to cancellation. 

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all cleaning services here at WestMaids. What this means, is if you contact us within 48 hours of your house cleaning then we’ll send a cleaner back to get it right and cover what was missed. Our prerogative is to provide the best house cleaning services in Calgary and while some things don’t always go as anticipated, we’re committed to doing our best to make the perfect impression. 

Trust and Safety

Absolutely. We don't cut any corners at WestMaids - as we know the importance of being able to trust whom you decide to let inside of your home. We perform background checks and our cleaners go through an extensive interviewing process. 

Of course! We know accidents happen and we're prepared to investigate and take proper measures to ensure your home and all of it's contents are properly taken care of. 

Yes! At WestMaids, we utilize a secure HTTPS setting on our website to ensure nobody can extract any information - and all the information we collect is also kept on a secure software system where it remains safe and encrypted!