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6 Homemade Air-fresheners To Make Your House Smell Great

A good scrub and wiping, coupled with extensive dusting and mopping, make a house look clean. However, for a house to feel truly clean, it also has to smell great!

While store-bought cleaners can fill your place with delightful fragrances, they have chemicals that might not be the best for your health in the long run. That’s why here we share with you a list of natural alternatives that will make your place smell like heaven!

Option #1. Baking soda

From your kitchen sidekick to your cleanup comrade, baking soda is a jack-of-all-trades. So, it’s not that surprising it also serves as a potent odor eliminator.

Sprinkle and spread some baking soda into a shallow dish and toss it into areas holding onto funky smells (like your fridge, perhaps). Give it one to three days, and the odors will disappear, replaced by a breath of fresh air that lingers for a solid three months.

For an extra dose of freshness, mix baking soda with essential oils (add as many drops as you please) for a DIY air freshener that pulls double duty as a deodorizer—try it out in your garbage can!

Option #2. Pomander balls

Beyond just making your spaces smell amazing, pomander balls pull double duty as classy decorations for your spots. And guess what? You can whip them up in a snap!

Grab an orange and a handful of cloves, and stick them all around the fruit. Get creative with your clove arrangement—patterns, holiday themes, whatever floats your boat— keeping in mind you don’t have to use all of them. Sprinkle some ground cinnamon or nutmeg for that finishing touch.

Make as many as your heart desires and place them on plates in rooms you’d like to liven up with a breath of freshness!

Option #3. Simmer pot

Also known as stovetop potpourri, a simmer pot is basically a scented stew that fills your space with tantalizing aromas.

For this enchanting mix, grab two cinnamon sticks, half a cup of fresh cranberries, a tablespoon of whole cloves, and slice an orange. Toss this aromatic blend into a small pot and fill it with water until it’s about an inch below the rim.

As it starts to steam up, let the aroma waft through your space while the mix simmers on the stove. If you’re aiming for a specific room, carefully pour your still-hot, scented potion into a bowl and take it there.

Option #4. Houseplants

Indoor greenery not only adds a burst of color to your place but also releases divine fragrances, giving off that authentically organic vibe.

Plants like mint, lavender, jasmine, and begonia not only beautify but also perfume your space, making it feel snug. Plus, you can adorn your home with plants that also act as air purifiers, such as spider plants, peace lilies, or English ivies.

Option #5. Teabags

Believe it or not, teabags can be your secret weapon in the battle against musty odors in confined spaces. Those stale scents in your drawers, closets, and even shoes—usually brought on by humidity—can be tamed with just a few bags.

Toss a container with five to ten teabags inside, depending on the size of the space you’re tackling. They won’t just absorb moisture but will also release a herbal aroma into the air. They only last for so long, so swap them out weekly for top-notch moisture absorption.

We’ll help you keep your place clean, fresh, and inviting!

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