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How To Clean And Unclog Your Shower Head With Vinegar

The reason shower heads clog up (either partially or fully) over time is due to the limescale left by dry water. When this happens, it’s time to show your showerhead some love. But before you resort to the heavy-duty chemicals, give vinegar a shot! Here are two nifty ways to spruce up your shower head using vinegar.

Superficial cleaning method (no fixture removal)

This method is the bee’s knees when you’re dealing with only a smidge of mineral buildup or you’d rather not wrestle with taking the whole fixture apart.

Step #1. Soak the shower head in vinegar

Grab yourself a plastic bag, half-fill it with vinegar, and secure it onto the showerhead using twist ties or a trusty rubber band.

Allow the shower head to soak for at least 12 hours. The vinegar’s acidity will react with the limescale, loosening up all those stubborn mineral deposits and making them easier to remove.

Note: If your shower head is made of brass, gold, or nickel, be cautious! Limit the soak to no more than 30 minutes.

Step #2. Give the fixture a good rinse

Now that the minerals have loosened their grip, it’s time to dispose of the vinegar. So, untie and remove the plastic bag before continuing.

Then, pour some warm water over the shower head so the loosened grime slides off. If you want to fix clogged water holes, let hot water flow for a few minutes through them to flush away any lingering mineral deposits.

Step #3. Scrub away the limescale

Remove those remnants and limescale deposits still sticking to your showerhead, employing a gentle brush or even an old toothbrush—pay attention to slits in the fixture. Finish off with a drying session using a clean cloth to prevent the remaining water from forming limescale.

How to deep clean your shower head

If that mineral buildup has decided to dig its heels in, it might be time for a more hands-on approach.

Step #1. Unscrew the shower head

Use a wrench to loosen the shower head nut, but not before wrapping a cloth around it so you don’t leave any dents. Once loosened, remove the fixture carefully, as it may contain smaller parts inside.

Step #2. Give the fixture a vinegar bath

Now, it’s time to break down that buildup. Take your shower head and fully submerge it in a bowl with some vinegar for around twelve hours—include any small parts that were inside the fixture, too!

Note: Brass, gold, nickel, and chrome-plated shower heads must not be left in the vinegar for more than 30 minutes.

Step #3. Descale the shower head thoroughly

When the clock runs down, take it out of the vinegar bath and let a strong burst of warm water run through your upside-down shower head to shake those stubborn minerals loose.

Once done, grab an old or gentle toothbrush and give your shower head and all the small parts a good scrub. For some precision work, you can even enlist a toothpick or a safety pin to dislodge any lingering mineral bits.

Step #4. Reattach and give the fixture one last rinse

With the dirty work done, screw your shower head back into place. Once it’s snug, run hot water for a few minutes to ensure all mineral residue and leftover vinegar are history—don’t forget to dry it!

Keep the rest of your house clean!

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