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5 Tips To Get Motivated To Do The Chores

Cleaning. Many of us feel overwhelmed at the simple thought of it. The truth is cleaning is an unavoidable and intricate chore. Clothes get dirty, dust piles up, we run out of clean dishes, the floors are grimy, and so on.

Where do you even start? The question leaves many with zero motivation to begin. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that hard. Here are a few simple tips to keep your motivation up and your house clean.

Tip #1. Start with small tasks

You might feel unmotivated mainly due to the many things that need to be done. The easiest way to tackle this is by breaking big tasks into smaller ones. For example, instead of setting the first goal of organizing an entire dresser, only concentrate on fixing one drawer.

Being able to complete one small task at a time will help you realize you can get a lot done in a short period while also clearing the way for bigger tasks.

Tip #2. Take brakes

Setting a timer is a great way to focus on cleaning while allowing yourself to rest. Prepare a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and try to accomplish as many tasks as possible within that time. Then, take a 5 to 10-minute break and repeat.

Additionally, add 5 more minutes to each cleaning period to accomplish more tasks if you feel like it.

This will ensure you continue completing tasks throughout the day without feeling like everything you’ve done is clean non-stop.

Tip #3. Make it fun!

You can make cleaning a perfect excuse to have some fun. Assigning a podcast or an audiobook to your cleaning sessions is a great way to keep you motivated, as it allows you to have a good time even if cleaning is not your favorite activity.

Playlists are also a good option. You can even find some specially made for cleaning. And if they don’t suit your taste, turn the cleaning session into karaoke time with your favorite songs!

Tip #4. Get some help

Cleaning can be time-consuming and tiring. If there are too many tasks to be done, your best choice is to have the family join in or even call a friend over to assist. If you have children, you can have them help with smaller tasks, like separating clothes or putting toys away. In contrast, bigger tasks can be divided between you and your partner or friend. 

Remember to make it fun for everyone! Suggest a game to see who can complete tasks the fastest or turn the cleaning session into a singing competition, anything that keeps the motivation flowing.

Tip #5. Reward yourself

Thinking of the end goal is a great way to stay motivated. Watching your favorite show, treating yourself to dinner, or the simple comfort of a clean environment are just a few options for a nice reward.

Looking forward to a reward can also help you accomplish tasks much faster, as you will find it is a great motivation booster.

Feeling motivated? Don’t stop and keep cleaning!

After trying these tips, keep riding that wave if you find the will to do the chores. Don’t know what to do next? Take a look at our blog for more tips to keep your environment tidy and clean—straight from the cleaning pros!