The Tower Calgary

The Calgary Tower is a must-see for visitors to the city. Experience a 360° panoramic view of Calgary, the Saddledome, the foothills and the prairies, with the majestic snow-topped Rocky Mountains…

The Tower Features to Start

Primarily known as the Husky Tower, the Calgary Tower was known as North America’s tallest structure of its kind. With it dominating the Calgary skyline, it stands more than twice the height of the Elveden House, the previous city’s tallest structure. Also, this tower had two elevators that take visitors to the observation level for 50 cents for children under 13 and $1 for adults. The Hitching Post is the lounge and restaurant featured in the observation level.

Details about The Tower’s History, Added Features, and Attractions

The tower located in Alberta was built in celebration of the centennial year of Canada of 1967 which is one reason why it’s considered an attraction. It was opened officially in three separate ceremonies from June 28th to 30th 1968, and it was originally known as the Husky Tower. It was made to withstand very harsh winds and earthquakes. In November 1, 1971, they named it the Calgary Tower as a tribute to their citizens.

This tower is also a major attraction in this city due the following timeline of different milestones:

In 1970

  • In 1970- a controlling interest of the tower is acquired by Marathon Realty.

In January 1987

  • In January 1987- closed for five months to refurbish the upper levels and to add a revolving restaurant and a souvenir shop. The revolving restaurant can turn 360 degree in 45 minutes.

In October 1987

  • In October 1987- as a celebration gift for the 1988 Winter Olympics, Canadian Western Natural Gas constructed a natural gas-fired cauldron at the top of the tower.

In 1989

  • In 1989- became a founding member along with the Eiffel towers and others of the World Federation of Great Towers

In 1990

  • In 1990- renovation of the lower level and a glass rotunda construction for the new lobby

In 1993

  • In 1993- celebrated its 25th anniversary and 500,000 visitors came for the first time.

On June 24, 2005

  • On June 24, 2005- opened the observation deck’s construction of a glass floor extension in the tower. While standing on the glass, Centre Street and 9th Avenue South can be seen when looking downward.

On August 1, 2014

  • On August 1, 2014- the addition and first testing of 24 multi-color, LED exterior lighting system to the exterior floor and one to the crown


Being a 626 ft free standing and observation tower, it is located in Downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It costs $3,500,000 to build this tower weighing approximately 10,900 tonnes. 60% of the tower is underground. In addition to the restorations mentioned above, the upper deck has a revolving restaurant called Sky 360. The tower’s base is connected through a +15 sky way network to Fairmont Palliser Hotel, One Palliser Square, and EnCana Place. Also, this tower has a carillon which was presented in 1975 by the local Dutch community in part of the city’s centennial celebrations. More about living in Calgary