The Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is a gathering place that hosts, educates, and entertains visitors from around the world.

What Is The Calgary Stampede?

The Calgary Stampede is an annual festival of sorts held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It includes both an exhibition and a rodeo. It starts in July and it goes for ten days. It is also billed as the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”.

How big is it?

It is pretty big. Over a million people come from around the world to this event each year. It is not just the rodeos and exhibitions that attract the crowds. There are various stage shows and concerts that are held during the ten-day event. It has got ChuckWagon Racing and an Agricultural Exhibition, as well as concerts and performances, rides, and plenty of delicious food to eat! Many people plan their whole year around this event.

What’s so special?

It has been dubbed by many as the equivalent of New York’s Fashion Week in the rodeo and agricultural world.

Where Does It Take Place?

The Calgary Stampede is its own area on Olympic Way in Calgary!

Some History of The Stampede

This ten-event fair dates back to 1886. This was when the first fair began. The Agricultural Society began its first run with it. In 1912, there was an American promoter who was looking to hold a rodeo, the very first of its kind. Guy Weadick put out the word and it happened.

In 1919, the soldiers were coming home from war. Guy wanted to do something to honor these soldiers in Alberta. This event went off without a hitch. It did so well Guy thought about doing it again. As of 1923, it started to become an annual tradition.

It was during this year that the event merged with the Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition aspect of it joined forced. It merged and a new name had been formed. It was known as The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

Once the two merged it became known as the event that carries on to this day. The only downside is that this event has drawn criticism from animal right’s activism. Many feel that the animals have been treated unfairly, some of them looking to ban this part of the show altogether.

Why Is It So Popular?

There are many reasons for its popularity. The main thing is that it offers so much to do. It offers something for everyone. It also marks a sense of unity and oneness with the community where it happens. It is also seen by many as a chance for a “new beginning”. Everyone gets the chance to put the past behind and look towards the future. Read more about living in calgary.