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Moving Out – Top Tips to Keep Your Landlord On Side

Use these cleaning tips when moving out to keep your landlord happy


In the excitement of moving to a new home, it often gets forgotten that the old one needs to be left in tip top condition. If renting, failure to scrub up may lead to your current landlord refusing to give back your initial deposit. As such it seems an end of tenancy deep clean can be one of the most important parts of the moving process; our top tips can help you ensure you meet the grade throughout your home.

1. The Living Room – Get the Red Carpet Look

The lounge is often the hub of any home; the room where the family settles down for a thrilling blockbuster in front of the TV. With a heavy footfall in this room, often tough stains can be left bedded into the carpet. Once the lounge is empty these stains have nowhere to hide, so it’s time to get to work!! Forget those expensive carpet cleaners and try squirting a little shaving foam onto the stain. Leave for a few minutes whilst the foam works its magic . Blot away with a dry cloth, then use a wet cloth to fully scrub up the area. The stain will now have lifted giving your lounge that pristine, red carpet look.  

2. The Bathroom – Sparkle and Shine

Whilst we use our bathrooms to get clean, often they can become the muckiest room in our home. Getting those silvery taps and shower parts sparkling again can become a real pain. A white vinegar mixture is a super product to have in your cleaning arsenal when it comes to tackling those bathroom stains. A vinegar and warm water mixture is a powerful limescale remover, use it with a damp cloth to wipe away those stubborn water marks. Got a blocked shower head? Try soaking it overnight in the vinegar solution – this will clear the blockage and allow the water to run freely once more!

3. The Kitchen – Time to Cook Up a Cleaning Storm!

Undoubtedly the trickiest room to clean when it comes to moving out, those burnt on cooking stains make the kitchen a tenant’s nightmare. Whether the kitchen appliances are staying put on moving on with you, it is important to give them a thorough clean. Don’t spend hours scraping away at baked on oven stains, there are some natural ways to soften up the job! Pop on the oven and allow it to cool to a medium heat. Create a 2:1 parts bicarbonate of soda and water paste mixture and line the inside oven walls. Spray some of the bathroom vinegar mix on and allow the two to react together. This reaction will begin to soften and lift those baked on stains, leaving you to simply wipe away the cooking carnage!

When we take the step of moving onto a new home, we need to ensure the one we leave behind makes the grade. Our cleaning tips can help keep the landlord on side and ensure there are no disputes in getting your deposit back.  A squeaky clean home gives you the peace of mind to move onto your next home adventure!

This post is a guest contribution by our friends at Gleem.

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