A city where the term “predictable” comes to mind, but not as a negative connotation by any means. Calgary is a growing city, a city where the only thing that lacks predictability is weather, and a city where opportunities are present and the career-minded thrive. Now where does the predictability come into play you ask? Well, for starters: you can always be certain that you’ll find a knick-knack worth buying while walking the streets of Inglewood. You can always be sure that your windshield is going to get hit by a pebble that dislodges itself from the farmhand’s Ford F-150 driving in front of you. You can always be sure that the Calgary Stampede is more than just a party (hint: it’s a lifestyle).

Calgary is rich with culture and although lacking in art, the past 5 years have displayed an obvious attempt at changing that. Just over 5 years ago, and amidst controversy (people hate when their tax dollars go towards art), the city of Calgary developed the Calgary Peace Bridge, which has since become a focal point for artists, photographers, and travellers alike. Beyond the obvious attempts at creating displays of art, there have also been a wealth of events popping up all over East Village (which is currently thriving and growing at an exponential rate) or Kensington for an additional example. Now what is predictable about the art and culture of Calgary? Well, it’s basically within our blood/culture to complain about the fact that we have to put tax dollars towards art. That’s what.

Finally, and most importantly, Calgary is a hub for starting businesses and it’s growth has been obvious within just about every industry. Yes we suffered a downturn due to the dropping oil prices (thanks Saudi Arabia) but alas we’ve already began to recover and everyone is seemingly thriving again. One thing you can always predict within this city is that your favourite restaurant may no longer be your favourite restaurant within a month. Whether that alludes to a new restaurant being introduced within Mission, or a brand new boxing studio on 10th ave or something in the Beltline. Several restaurants such as Una, The Nash, NOtaBLE, Mercato, and more still remain because if there’s one thing about a Calgarian, it’s that they’re loyal (and predictable). Meaning there will always be room to survive within this bustling city so long as quality aligns and community involvement is apparent.

Overall, Calgary should be described as consistent. Much like the height of the Calgary Tower, the attendance of The Calgary Stampede, the fear instilled within new drivers who take on Stoney Trail, Deerfoot, Crowchild, or Macleod. Calgary will always be a city that is consistent, loyal, growing, bustling, and a fantastic place to live and develop opportunity. Come visit Calgary, find yourself a career in oil and gas, get a nice steak at No Table, bring your cowboy boots, and enjoy the scenery as you look somewhere yonder towards the beautiful BC mountains. New to the Calgary area? Check out the Calgary Tower