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How to Clean Windows

Window washing is a necessary task. It should be done twice a year. Rubbing window is not a good way to wash them because rubbing only move dust from one corner to another and your windows start looking dirty again right after washing them. You can wash glass windows very easily by using a squeegee and some other tools.

The window washing techniques are not much complicated yet their results are surprising.

Here are some tips for washing your windows and get rid of stubborn spots.

Step 1: Wash with split applicator:
Picture windows need a large tool for washing. Make a cleaning solution by adding some dishwashing liquid in warm water. Soak long cloth head of strip applicator in cleansing solution and apply it on windows to knock out dirt without scratching the glass.

Step 2: Wipe clean with a squeegee:
Start pulling squeegee on the window from top left in reverse S pattern. At the end of each stroke wipe the squeegee’s blade with a cloth diaper or old linen napkin.

Step 3: Dry off remaining drips:
Try to remove water drops remaining on glass edge with a wrung-dry chamois it will soak all water without leaving streaks on the glass window.

Cleaning Multilane Windows

Step 1: Customize the squeegee:
In order to clean a divided window, you need to adjust the size of squeegee accordingly. Use a hacksaw to cut squeegee. Cut metal channel ¼ inches less than window pane and make its edges smooth. Cut rubber equal to the size of the pane with the help of a knife and then insert it into the channel.

Step 2: Scrub the panes:
Rub each pane with a handheld natural sponge soaked with cleaning solution. Rub each pane from top to bottom, left to right into corners to clean dirt.

Step 3: Wipe clean with a squeegee:
Pull squeegee down from top to bottom in a single stroke. Remove water drips remaining on glass edge with a wrung-dry chamois it will soak all water without leaving streaks on the glass window.

Get rid of stubborn spots:
Rainfall and hard water falling from masonry through metal windows leave mineral stains on the glass that is hard to clean.

After regular cleaning, make glass wet and clean it with Barkeeper’s Friend which contains oxalic acid. Apply powder on a wet towel and rub it on the window. Rinse it to get stain free windows.

Final Verdict

The above-described methods for washing windows are proven to give optimal results. Try these methods to wash your windows and keep them clean.

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