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How to Choose a House Cleaning Company

How to Choose a House Cleaning Company

So you’ve probably thought about how to choose a house cleaning company before.

No doubt, at least once in your lifetime, when you look at your disheveled home with dust, dirt, and grime everywhere, you’ve thought to yourself, “It’s time to hire someone to get this cleaned up.”

Whether you’re rushing from appointment to appointment, working 10-12 hour days away from home, or have a slew of pets and/or kids running around, it must have struck you as imperative to get your home cleaned up by a crew of professionals.

If that’s the case, you may have run into quite a pickle when it comes to actually selecting a company to get the job done.

From missed calls to voicemails, unanswered emails to broken websites… when it comes to finding a house cleaner or house keeping company, there’s no shortage of questionable prospects out there.

How do you, then, select a company befitting of your wonderful home?

Who can you trust, and better yet, rely on, to show up on time with all cleaning supplies including vacuum? To get the job done effectively and efficiently, with minimal wasted time or frustrations along the way?

A company that will over-communicate and protects you by being fully insured, licensed, and bonded?

As Ilya, the founder of a house cleaning service out of Seattle, WA says, “If your cleaning company doesn’t make it simple and easy to book and manage your cleaning service, find one that does.”

Here are just some of the many things I would look out for when choosing your next cleaning company. Namely:

  1. A company that answers phone calls, texts, emails, chats, messages thru their app, social media mentions, carrier pigeons, and any other method of communication that they advertise to get a hold of them
  2. A company that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  3. A company that keeps its promises and gets the job done, and if for whatever reason needs to cancel or reschedule, lets you know promptly and even compensates you for the inconvenience
  4. A company that background checks and screens all of their workers to ensure a safe team is entering your beloved home

Well, there you have it. Those are some of the criteria we would use to select your next cleaning partners.

Best of luck!

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