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How To Clean Your House Once The Removalist Has Left

How To Clean Your House Once The Removalist Has Left

After a long day of preparing to move and packing your boxes, they have been loaded onto the moving truck and are en route to your new home. Tired and exhausted, it seems like the perfect time to relax and take a break. Only, the work involved with moving hasn’t finished yet. You still need to clean the house before you vacate it.

Luckily it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. By having a plan, it will make it go a lot smoother while saving you time.

This guide walks you through how to clean your house once the removalist has left.

Start As Soon As Possible

Moving day is going to be hectic and long and tiring already, so try and take some of the pressure off yourself. Give yourself plenty of time to clean before you move to get a head start on the cleaning tasks required.

In the weeks leading up to moving to your new home, consider putting aside some time each weekend or weeknight to start cleaning. Tackle one room at a time. As you pack everything from the room, give it a thorough clean, and then try and keep it spotless until you move.

What Do Buyers Expect?

While most people who move into a new home will clean it themselves anyway, it is good karma to leave the house clean for the next occupant.

Also keep in mind that it’s possible that during the transition some of your mail may be sent to your old address by mistake, so it makes sense to be on good terms with the new homeowners, and do the morally right thing by them.

Aim to clean the house to meet your own high standards.

Moving Cleaning Tips

Whether you have sold your house, or you are renting, you still need to clean it after you’ve moved out. If you owned the house, then morally you should clean it so that when the new occupants move in, it is a welcoming and inviting feeling, much like you hope to experience as you move into your new home.

If you are renting, then you will need to thoroughly clean it before you receive your deposit back.

● Keep all your cleaning supplies separate from your other items, and make sure you don’t pack them!
● Work methodically cleaning one room at a time. Clean from top to bottom, make sure to clean any curtain tracks and rods, ceiling fans, light fittings, and also air-conditioning vents.
● Start by dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping, then wipe down all surfaces either by mopping or using a damp cloth
● If you have pets, make sure you clean out any kennels, cages, or tanks thoroughly
● Clean all the shelves inside cupboards and wardrobes. Make sure to rigorously clean up any spills which may have occurred on shelving in the laundry, bathroom, and kitchen cupboards.
● Ensure that the shower, vanity, mirrors, bath and toilet are all sparkling clean. It is a nice touch to leave behind a roll of toilet paper also.
● Thoroughly clean the range hood, oven and cooktop. Focus on any burnt residue which remains. You should use cleaning products designed for speciality finishes.

House Exterior Cleaning Tips

A lot of people overlook cleaning the outside of the house, yet it’s what makes a first impression.

● Clean any spider webs or dust from the window sills, walls, and eaves
● Cut the lawn, weed gardens, trim the edges and sweep any paths
● Clean any mess your pets have made, and repair any damage they may have caused in the yard
● If there is a pool, clean the filter and remove any debris and leaves
● Clean the letterbox
● Make sure any outdoor lights work and are clean
● Remove all the rubbish, and empty and clean any bins, including garden clippings

House Interior Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the interior goes beyond just vacuuming before leaving for the final time.

● Check all light globes are working correctly – clean light switches and the light fittings
● Wipe down the air conditioner, also clean the vents. Don’t forget to wash and dry the filter
● Clean the ceiling fan blades
● Clean all the door and window tracks
● Clean vertical and Venetian blinds
● Wash curtains and then re-hang them
● Eliminate any dust and spiderwebs

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

● Clean the oven walls, grill, and racks. Leave the clean trays inside the oven.
● Eliminate stove top stains by thoroughly cleaning the surface
● Wash any filters, and also clean the range hood. Make sure the overhead light is working
● Clean the dishwasher. Also be sure to clean the door and filter.
● Clean food and debris from the sink, as well as plugs and taps
● Wash all the benches, countertops, and surface areas
● Wipe both outside and inside cupboards
● Clean behind the dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator

Bathroom & Laundry Cleaning Tips

● Disinfect and clean the toilets, showers, baths, basins, and screens
● Make sure there is no soap residue or mildew anywhere
● Wash every surface in the room, including bench tops and tiles
● Remove any mould from grout, ceiling, walls, and tiles.
● Dust toilet roll holders and towel rails
● Clean mirrors making sure not to leave and streaks
● Clean drains, plugs, taps and sinks
Don’t Forget The Hard To Reach Spots

Pay high attention to detail, and focus on the places in your home which are usually hidden, such as the carpet under where the bed or furniture usually is.

Focus on removing fingerprints from external and internal doors, clean screen doors, as well as any sliding window tracks and any windows – where your kids or pets have been pressing against them leaving marks.

Forgetting the garage is easy. Be sure to clean inside the cupboards. Pay extra attention to the garage door. Dust it, wash it, and wipe it down on the inside and outside. Also, hose down the floor, or sweep it. Lastly remove any oil stains inside the garage, or in the driveway.

Rubbish Disposal

If you have rubbish which needs to be disposed of, be sure to to follow these tips for responsible rubbish disposal while moving house. Almost everything you need to throw out is able to be recycled in a sustainable way.

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