How Can I Keep My Home Smelling Nice?

by Lana Miller - April 4, 2018

How Can I Keep My Home Smelling Nice?Have you ever walked into someone’s home and wondered what that amazing smell was? Trying to figure out whether it’s their choice of cleaning products, their laundry, or a pixie sprinkling good-smell-dust around the house can be distracting. If you want your home to smell great, there is more than one way to do it, starting with these.

Keep it Clean

Dust and other microscopic air pollutants can create health concerns and cause offensive smells. Depending on the part of your home and what the mess is, dirty surfaces can either cause a rank smell, if something has gone bad, or it can create a musty smell if there is a lot of dust or if mold has started growing. To avoid letting these smells develop, try to keep clutter to a minimum and deep clean once every three to six months. This will help reduce airborne dust and particles, giving your home a fresher scent.

Air Flow

Like anything else, a home needs fresh air. Open the windows for a day and let the breeze carry stale air through, and out of your home. This may not be an option for those who suffer from outdoor allergens. In this case, turning on the cooling system fan and letting it run to circulate fresh air through the filtered home ventilation system is a better option. Just one day of concentrated air circulation will make a big difference in home air quality and fragrance. You can also improve air flow by leaving the doors in-between rooms open, so that the air can circulate better. Also double check that your HVAC registers are free from blockage. Sometimes our registers end up being covered by clothing on the floor or random clutter. A blocked register will reduce the efficiency of air circulation in your home, so make sure that they are kept clear. 

Fresh Scents

Diffusing natural scents into your home can create a wonderful aroma that doesn’t have the underlying harsh chemical scent (usually volatile organic compounds) that many air-fresheners do. There are many different types of diffusers to choose from and depending on your end goal; you might find one type more appealing than another. Studies show that diffusing natural oils into the air can promote a myriad of health benefits while releasing pleasant aromas. Scents like jasmine, sandalwood, and lavender are all popular for their pleasant aromas and soothing properties.

Cooking Outdoors

Cooking is one of the primary odor causing culprits in a home. Now, no one is saying the fragrance of deliciously prepared food doesn’t smell amazing, but the tail end whiff of last night’s garlic chicken hasn’t been patented by an air freshener company for good reason. It simply is not what most people want their home to smell like. Consider cooking meals – especially frying – outdoors on a grill or portable burners, leaving the powerful smell of spices and oils outside, and preserving better scents indoors. If you can’t do that, try to have a window open when you cook so the smell will dissipate sooner. Open another window or door on the opposite end of your home to induce a current which will remove the smell of cooking even sooner.

A great smelling home creates a warm and inviting environment. Whether you choose something fresh and cool, rich and spicy, or sweet and florally, your home is sure to be comforting and memorable.