House Cleaning Supply Must-haves

House Cleaning Supply Must-haves

House cleaning requires many different tools, but there are several key ones that are consistently useful. Here’s a quick list of some commonly used supplies. We’ll be listing more in following posts so make sure you check back.

Home cleaning kit:

Storage Caddy

Having a container for your supplies is hugely important. In order to do something well, you need to be organized. This is where the caddy comes in. It won’t fit everything, but it will ensure that your smaller tools are in one spot for when you need them. This prevents you from wasting time having to look everywhere for items. Simply grab what you need from the box and get to work. We recommend a plastic caddy. They’re easier to clean, and can simply be tossed into the dishwasher without getting ruined.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are a house cleaners best friend. They can be used for either wet or dry tasks, and they are disposable (although compost if you can!). They’re great for quick cleanups of spills and messes; and they’re pretty durable, meaning you can use less sheets for more cleanup. We regularly use them to wipe down dirty surfaces. Simply wet the sheet, add some dish soap, and give the surface a good rub. Rinse the sheet, wring out the water, and then use it to dry the surface. When you’re done, simply toss away! Brilliant.

Paper towels (as well as toilet paper) always seem to be on sale; so when at the store, skip the full-priced stuff and grab the bag on sale.

Quality Broom

A broom is useful when there is debris over a larger area. This makes a good broom essential, preventing multiple sweepings that appear to do nothing. The broom does not need to be expensive, just new. If your current broom has worn out bristles, look at investing in a new one.

The only drawback to brooms is that they tend to leave never ending pan lines. In order to avoid this frustration, use the wet paper towel tip from above, or use a vacuum to quickly go over the dust pile.

Toilet Brush

This one is pretty self explanatory. Can you think of any other sanity method to clean a toilet? Neither can we. Luckily, toilets are cleaned pretty easily by giving them a quick scrub. Make sure strokes are primarily downwards, so as to avoid flinging bacterial particles at yourself. Toilet bacteria and viruses lead to some pretty awful sickness, so make sure you’re protecting yourself!


Not exactly used for cleaning, but a close relative of the toilet brush. The plunger will help when in a jam (pun fully intended). A functioning toilet is meant to keep your home sanitary by removing waste, which it can’t do if it’s plugged. You don’t want to be the person at Walmart at 3 am needing a plunger, so make sure your home has one.

Important: A toilet plunger is one with an extended flap that comes from under the cup. This helps it fit snugly into the drain, providing the suction to clear the blockage. A regular plunger with just a cup can be used, but it will be significantly more difficult to provide the proper suction. Like with the toilet brush above, try to avoid splashing yourself with viral water. This is especially important as a toilet plugged with waste is technically a biohazard.

Use our list above and make sure your home contains these key supplies. As mentioned, we’ll be writing about other super useful supplies, so make sure you sign up for our mailing list to not miss out! Our maid service Chicago friends Magnific Maids also have some awesome tips on their blog, so we recommend checking them out.

In the meantime, enjoy the reprieve from the recent chilly Calgary temperatures. -2º practically feels like +30º!

Stay warm,

Your WestMaids team.

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