How to get your Calgary Airbnb guest ready

List your Calgary house or apartment on Airbnb? Here’s how to ensure you get 5 star reviews.

List your Calgary home or apartment can be a great, but how do you stand out from all of the other listings? Read on to find out.

In recent years, the popularity of the short-term/vacation/room rental service (whatever you want to call it, really) Airbnb has exploded as more property owners and travellers discover the platform and its benefits. Here are some fun facts about the online rental company:

  • 4 million listings world (half are instant book)
  • 191 countries serviced
  • Along with 3000 castles and 1400 treehouses, guests can also stay in yurts, boats, RVs, and earthouses
  • August 5, 2017 was the single biggest night with 2.5 million bookings
  • 2.0 million bookings on any given night
  • Fastest growing demographic is seniors – 200,000 senior hosts

That last point is quite the interesting tidbit. The age demographic who uses the internet the least is the same age demographic which is growing the quickest in terms of Airbnb hosts. The reason for this trend is likely the same reason you’re reading this blog post – renting your Calgary apartment or home on Airbnb is a great way to make an additional income. The Calgary Stampede provides a solid ten days where we see over a million visitors, with a large percentage being from out of town. During the Stampede, hotels typically see a 100% booking rate, and even in bad years hotels are booking up at 85%.

When we consider other major attractions such as the Global Petroleum Show, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, and increasing tourist numbers, this presents an excellent opportunity for Calgary Airbnb owners.

Maximizing your number of bookings

The key to making your Calgary Airbnb listing a success is maximizing the number of bookings you have. Of course what this means really depends on each host. Do you rent your room, suite, apartment, or home on a regular basis or once in a while? Perhaps you only look to list it when you go on trips and aren’t home, or you only target your room rental during busy times of the year, such as the aforementioned Stampede. Perhaps your home or apartment is a full time rental, and you’re looking to have it rented out the entire year for as many nights as possible.

You also want to think about who you’re targeting with your space. A family looking to visit Calgary for a week during the Stampede isn’t going to even consider your room rental for any length of time. Likewise a student coming to visit the city because they want to check out the University of Calgary or Mount Royal University likely isn’t going to be considering your 10th ave Eau Claire penthouse.

Once you’ve decided what your rental goals are and who your target guest is, you can start formulating a plan on how to attract them. We will cover that in the next section.

How to get guests to book your apartment, house, or room

You might have realized that the above section is hinting at marketing. The key to getting your customers to book with you is essentially good marketing. Think about when you look at Airbnbs or even hotels to book, how do you decide where to stay? You probably look at photos and the reviews.

Ben Ferris of a cleaning service near Bellevue, Rain City Maids, manages several Airbnb properties in the Bellevue area and finds the same pattern. “Our clients’ top concern is always cleanliness for their Airbnb properties” Ferris says. “The majority of their feedback is how great the lack of dust is compared to other Airbnb properties their guests have stayed it. It’s definitely a major factor in their guests’ experience, and therefore ratings received. They regularly thank us for our hard work, as the regular cleaning service ensures their property is in the best shape for the arrival of their guests.”

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