Why do we use flat rate house cleaning prices?

Flat Rate House Cleaning

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Literally book a clean from your rooftop.

Today’s post will be about a common question when purchasing anything: pricing. One of the most common questions we get is “do you charge by the hour or by square footage?”. Customers are then understandably confused when our response is “neither”. So as to not leave our customers bewildered for too long, we then lead into explaining how our model works. Once we start explaining our philosophy, not just in regards to cleaning, but why we operate the way we do and what we are trying to do, the puzzle pieces start to fit and make sense.

What is it that you value?

This is our lead in to the explanation. We ask our customers why they even look at booking a cleaning service. The answers typically fall into two categories: I don’t have time to clean or I don’t want to/don’t like to/don’t know how to clean. The other less common answer is a lack of the proper tools, usually for tasks like carpet cleaning or sometimes window washing. The first two answers are really one and the same, because if you don’t want to/don’t like to/don’t know how to clean, that means that you’d rather spend your time doing other things that you actually enjoy. If you don’t want to clean, that means you know how to clean but it isn’t worth your time doing; if you don’t like to clean, then very obviously you don’t want to spend your time doing it; and if you don’t know how to clean (usually a specific room or type of cleaning), then you’re looking at a cleaning service because it’s not worth your time learning how to do it. The third answer (lack of tools) is also very tightly linked to personal time use. If you need to clean your carpets you could rent a carpet cleaner and do it yourself – but this often falls into don’t want to/don’t like to/don’t know how to.

One common aspect

So what are we rambling about in the previous paragraph? All of the reasons you look at booking a cleaning service comes down to one thing – convenience. Regardless of your motivation, all of the above can be distilled into one point, you’re order a cleaning service because having your home cleaned for you is more convenient. That’s really what it comes down to.

The point that we are trying to get at here explains we use the flat rate pricing model. The entire point of hiring a cleaning service is for convenience, right? So why is actually getting a price – one of the most important aspects of getting a clean – so difficult? Why do you have to request that a price be given to you? That’s the opposite of convenience, and is incredibly inconvenient. Even worse, in some cases you have to arrange a home visit. That makes even less sense. Someone who’s ordering a service for their convenience, now has to alter their schedule in order to receive said service. That’s one step away from just doing it themselves.


Given the frustrations above is exactly why we use flat rate house cleaning prices. There’s no reason you have to wait on us to give you a price, just go to our booking page, enter your home details, and book your clean. It’s that easy. We’ve taken the entire process down from hours to less than 60 seconds.

It can be a little confusing at first because many companies still do the classic ‘call for quote’ and ‘home visit’ process, but after your first booking with us you’ll wonder why this isn’t more common. However, more companies are realizing the importance of added convenience, with an example of this being our friends over at Think Maids.

Online booking with flat fee home cleaning is just one way we’re trying to make booking a maid better. Check out our About Us page for more ways we’re working hard on delivering the highest quality cleans.



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