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Expert Tips and Tricks for the Hardest-to-Clean Items in Your Home

Expert Tips and Tricks for the Hardest-to-Clean Items in Your Home

Have you ever spent hours trying to clean something in your home, only to throw up your hands and sigh, “Good enough”? In this article, we will show you how to remove those difficult-to-clean household stains quickly and completely.

Grease-Baked Stove Tops

Expert Tips & Tricks for the Hardest-to-Clean Items in Your Home
Source: Samsung

Before you get started, use hot or boiling water to soak into the messes. This helps loosen food stains so they can be scrubbed off. For dealing with grease, use an acid-based, organic cleaning product like lemon on the surface and allow it to work in for a few minutes. After it is finished soaking, scrub the surface with a rough-textured cleaning pad and watch the grease come right off. For additional appliance cleaning advice, we have also found this oven cleaning guide to be fantastic. 

Rust-Stained Toilet Bowls

Turn the water off within the toilet; there is usually a valve handle where your water line is on the wall. Flush the toilet, plug the bottom hole, pour a five-gallon pail of boiling hot water in the bowl to the rim, and use the rest of the hot water in the back tank. Put a rust removal cleaning powder in both the toilet bowl and tank, letting it sit for 10 minutes. Turn the water valve back on to restore flow, and then proceed to drain and flush the toilet to completely remove the stains.

Old Microwave Spills

Expert Tips & Tricks for the Hardest-to-Clean Items in Your Home
Source: Reader’s Digest

Mix about one cup of lemon juice and water in equal parts. Set your microwave to at least 5 minutes (10 minutes if it’s severely caked on) so a large amount of steam builds up on the inside. Proceed to wipe the inside surfaces with a damp cloth or rough scrub pad if needed to remove all the tough spills. Use a dry cloth to remove all of the excess moisture and food particles.

Calcium-Caked Shower Walls

Use tub and tile cleaner or a homemade mixture of dish soap and vinegar to spray on the walls. Allow the cleaning mixture to work for 5 minutes before proceeding with a double-sided, soft bristle hand brush. For added scrubbing power, sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda on to your cleaning pad.

Sheepskin Rugs/Blankets

Expert Tips & Tricks for the Hardest-to-Clean Items in Your Home
Source: Sheepskin Town

Sheepskin rugs and blankets make a beautiful addition to any home, and generally speaking it’s advised not to clean them at all — aside from occasional brushing and airing out on a sunny day. However, accidents do happen. If there’s been a spill, start by putting the rug or blanket into your washer on the hand wash cycle. Allow the rug or blanket to drip dry the excess water, afterward putting on a flat surface for the rest of the drying process so the skin doesn’t become stretched. After it has dried, comb through the rug or blanket with a bristle brush to make it soft and fluffy again.

How did these methods compare to your old cleaning habits or routines? We hope that these methods help you reduce the time it takes to clean your household items so you have more time to spend on the activities you enjoy.

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