Clutter ruining your life? Get rid of these items right now.

Toss these items to bring order back to your home.

We recently looked at the health benefits of staying clean and organized (and the detriments of not doing so). However, if it’s been a while since you’ve decluttered your home, you might find it challenging. It can be overwhelming when you’re not sure where to start. What’s worth keeping and what isn’t? Well, in order to help you out a little bit, we’ve put together a list of easy to get rid of items.

Declutter your Bedroom

Clutter leads to poor sleep, which leads to irritability, stress, poor cognitive functioning, and a slew of other health issues. Start with your bedroom as a good sleep will improve the rest of your day.

1. Old read and unread books

Unless you’re looking to impress your guests with your small library, donate or toss these books. Yes, even the ones that you’ve been meaning to read. If you were going to read them, you would have. If you’re having difficult choosing books, anything that is more than year old should go.

2. Old gadgets and electronics

Your iPod Mini may or may not be a collectors item in a few decades. What is for certain though, is that it’s been collecting dust, and you didn’t even know you had it until you stumbled across it by accident. Ideally donate this to an electronics recycling group to make sure that useless iPod is put to good use.

3. Bills

First of all, why are you keeping bills in the bedroom? It should be a place of tranquility and relaxation. If you’ve already paid them, why are you keeping them? If you keep them for record purposes, take a photo with your phone and store them digitally. If you have any unpaid ones, at least move them out of your bedroom.

4. Magazines

I highly doubt you’re going to read through the back catalog of US Weekly. Keep a couple of the most recent issues and recycle the remainder.

5. Pillows

Pillows aren’t actually clutter, but any pillow more than a year old becomes a bacterial incubator, and that can potentially affect your sleep and your health (exactly why we’re decluttering). Unless you know the answer to when you bought your pillows, it’s time to swap them out.

Declutter your Bathroom

1. Sunscreen

Check the expiry date. If it’s past the date, you’re better off tossing it out. Sunscreen requires that the active ingredients be, well, active, in order to work effectively. If it’s past the expiry date, the effectiveness can’t be guaranteed.

2. Medication

This includes both prescription and over the counter medication. Like sunscreen, medication is only effective if the active compounds remain active. The active compounds do break down over time, and once they’re past the expiry date their effectiveness is unreliable.

3. Old hair ties

This are designed to be expendable, which is why they come in packs of 30. Gather up the old ones and get rid of them.

4. Hygienic products

You probably don’t need that stack of free floss you’ve been collecting from the dentist. If you decide to actually start flossing regularly and do manage to run out, simply ask your dentist for an extra one on your next visit. If he or she declines, get a new dentist because clearly they don’t care about your gum health.

Pro tip: If these products are unopened you may be able to donate them to a local shelter.

5. Old shampoo bottles

For some reason these seem to collect like crazy. No, that tiny bit of volumizing shampoo isn’t going to come out, no matter how hard you try. Save yourself the grief and recycle the bottle.

Declutter your Kitchen

1. Old travel mugs

You don’t need 10 of these, unless you’re keeping some spares incase you misplace the others. However, if you’ve got that many, you’re likely not in danger of losing them. Pick a couple favourites and donate the rest.

2. Water bottles

Same as with the travel mugs, you don’t need an excess of water bottles. Keep enough for your family and a couple extras just in case, and donate the rest.

3. Spices

Spices can certainly be expensive, but if you’ve been planning on using that bag of curry for the last year, it’s probably not so tasty anymore. Cut your losses and throw it away. This will also help you determine what spices you actually have, as spice racks/cabinets/bag piles tend to become cluttered quickly.

4. Restaurant Menus

Even if your favourite restaurant doesn’t have a website, your local Yelp/Zomato/review site page will likely have a menu posted. Double check for the menus that exist online, and recycle the paper copies.

5. Extra knives

The average knife is cheaper to buy brand new than to get resharpened. For this very reason we tend to see homes with several sets of knives, many old and very dull. Dull knives are also ironically a safety hazard, as they don’t cut through food as easily, thus you risk slipping off the food and onto your fingers or hand. Definitely get rid of these.

Good Start

The list above that we’ve put together is meant to give you an easy start to decluttering. As it can be pretty overwhelming, we’ve identified some easy targets for you. Once you start, there tends to be a snowball effect – just need that small push. If you’re still struggling with organizing, you can always book our maid service in Calgary and select the organizing option. We’ll take time to pick out the old and unneeded items, giving you a bit of relief from the clutter.

Depending on how long it’s been though, decluttering can be a pretty big job. Our friends over at Cleanly Maids also have great tips on their blog. Check out their website here.

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