Cleaning Tips for your Car’s Interior

by Lana Miller - June 21, 2018

Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Car Looking New for as Long as Possible

Introduction: The Importance of Keeping a Clean Car

It’s no secret that the inside of our cars gets pretty gross. If you have children, it’s probably worse. Between the dirt, leaves, food, toys, garbage, and other gross buildup, the inside of a car needs to be cleaned pretty frequently. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your car’s interior consistently clean.

Start by Vacuuming

First, you’ll want to invest in a vacuum with a long hose to get those hard to reach places. Dirt likes to linger under mats, seats, and in cracks of seats. To keep your car fresh and clean, you’ll want to periodically vacuum to make sure you’re getting rid of crumbs and any debris that comes in from outside.

Keeping Seats Clean

Next, you’ll want to pay close attention to the seats in your car. Those get a lot of wear throughout the year. There’s nothing grosser than sitting on a dirty seat in someone’s car. Dirt can also really take a toll on leather seats. It can make them wear faster over time and cause cracks and fading. If you have a leather interior, you’ll want to pay special attention.

AutoPreme, a protective floor mat manufacturer explains that there are two types of leather car seats: those with perforated holes and those without. They recommend looking closely at your seats before beginning any cleaning process or checking your car’s manual for specific cleaning instructions and products you should avoid. As a rule, perforated leather should not be cleaned with water, cleanser, or conditioner, as these products can soak into the material and cause mold, rotting, and deterioration.

Make Sure to Dry Interior

After you wash the interior of your car, it’s important to dry it off with a microfiber towel. If you don’t dry your interior, especially your seats, then the dirt will sit on top and eventually settle back in.

Conclusion: Frequent Cleaning is Important

If you want to extend the life of your car, then keep up with cleaning. You don’t need to deep clean your car every day, but tidying up after yourself is important. Whenever you notice a spill, clean it up. Do periodic wipe downs of the interior, especially during the summer when it gets sticky and sweaty. Spray down windows to clean off any bugs, fingerprints, or dirt that accumulates. Taking small steps like that will keep your car looking new longer.

Staying caught up with all of your chores can be tough. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, hire a professional cleaning service to help.