Clean Your Home in Only 15 Minutes a Day

Home Cleaning in Less than 15 Minutes per Day

One of the hardest challenges with keeping a home clean is the time aspect. Especially as your home gets larger, there tend to be a greater number of nooks, corners, and little spots that require extra attention to keep in check. Of course, this is where our services come in to help you out; but you don’t necessarily need a full top-to-bottom clean from our staff on every single visit. Most often cleaning is thought of as something that takes hours to do, and while most often true for a complete clean, there are ways that you can do a bit of upkeep here and there in small chunks.

So what is this big secret to keeping your home clean? Well it’s pretty simple – make a daily cleaning checklist.

The Daily Home Cleaning Checklist

The concept is pretty simple. Simply make a daily cleaning checklist with a few items that will only take you 15 minutes or less to complete. The goal here is that by doing a little bit every day of the week, it will help keep your home from having many hour long cleaning duties built up. Better yet, by taking care of the little stuff, it allows our cleaners to focus on the larger, and typically more effort-requiring tasks.

The Checklist

So what does this look like? Well, it can be whatever you want.  The goal here is to do a little bit of cleaning ever day, to prevent the cleaning tasks from building up. They can really be as long or as short as you want. The key here is for the checklist to fit into your daily schedule, ensuring that you will actually do the tasks not simply put them off.

Here is an example of a daily cleaning checklist:

Monday: Vacuum entryways and hallways

Tuesday: Vacuum bedrooms and any area rugs

Wednesday: Wet wipe windows (Pro tip: foaming glass cleaner speeds up window cleaning by 10 times)

Thursday: Dusting

Friday:  Mop and wash floors as needed. You can even break this up by type – wood, tile, linoleum, etc.

Saturday: Wipe down blinds

Sunday: Take the day off 🙂

Another great thing to do is add little things that could (and typically should) be done every single day to avoid messiness. An easy example of this is rinsing and putting away dishes. A great explanation of this from the folks over at Gleem is that while it might be quicker at the time to simply toss the dishes into the sink or dishwasher, there is a good chance that you will either be spending time scraping dried food off of the dishes, or the dishwasher won’t be able to get the food off. A better idea is to give the dishes a quick rinse before you put them into either the sink or dishwasher. It takes less than 10 seconds per plate when the food is still fresh, and will save you many minutes of scrubbing later on. Even if you do have to do a bit of scrubbing for certain foods, it’s way less effort when the food is fresh versus dried on.

To reiterate our point, this checklist can be as complicated or as simple as you want. The whole point is to be doing something every single day. If this means that you only vacuum the rug near your front door, great. That’s one less thing that you will have to do next time. The key is for the tasks to be manageable, regardless of size or length of time.

This type of checklist system works most often with our cleaning service. Our clients will keep a light schedule of home cleaning, and then have us do the more time consuming tasks on our daily visits. It’s a great balance of saving both time and money.

Even if you can only commit to a couple days per week, the end result is still a cleaner home for you. Need a hand cleaning your Calgary home? Give us a shout and we’ll help restore your home to its magnificent shine.


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