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Any further questions you might have are answered down below. We look forward to seeing you and providing you with our expert services.

A few things to know

You’ll receive an email shortly confirming we have received your request.

You’ll receive a second email when we’ve confirmed the time and date.

Changes can be made to your appointment through the login page. Please, make any changes to your appointment at least 48 hours before the scheduled time.

200% Guarantee
If we miss anything or the service isn’t up to par. Let us know so we can make it right! 🙂 

To make sure we keep our staff busy, please give us a 48-hour heads up if you need to cancel. Note: canceling less than 48 hours before a service may result in a $70 cancellation fee.

A hold will be placed on the account the business day PRIOR to the service. If the appointment is on Monday, the hold will be placed the Friday before. If the service is canceled with a hold in place, it will drop off within 2-5 days. Services are charged after the service is completed.

To guarantee service, we need power and running water. Double-check to make sure you have both. This is especially important for move-in / move-outs. Without water or power, we can’t guarantee the quality of the service and may void our guarantee.

Services We Don’t Offer
There’s a small list of things we won’t be able to help with. The complete list can be found on our Services Page page. If you feel you need any services we don’t offer, let us know so we can get you connected with someone who can help. 🙂

Safety First!

Please, help keep our teams safe and be respectful of these rules. Let us know if your cleaning requires any of the above so we can work with you on a solution.  🙂

We can’t wait to help you tidy up!