Best Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Like New

by Lana Miller - June 5, 2018

Do you have hardwood floors in your home, or have you just installed hardwood flooring? Gleaming hardwood floors can make your home look outstanding, particularly when you keep them looking as good as new. Although hardwood floors don’t need to be cleaned every day or even every few days, you need to give your flooring some TLC throughout the week if you want it to look warm and welcoming. Moreover, wood floors don’t come cheap, and the material can start wearing out if you don’t take care of it properly. To keep your wood floor around for long, and ensure it’s not trodden, tired, or scratched, maintenance is required. Here are top tips and tricks on sprucing up your house’s appearance and keeping the floor looking its best for many years to come.

Sweep your hardwood floor

Best Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Like New







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One way to keep your hardwood flooring clean is to sweep it regularly. Classic straw brooms move the small dirt particles and dust around, which means some will fall back to the floor eventually, so experts recommend the use of a microfiber mop for the most effective clean. Use a dust mop or daily to give your wood floor a once-over. 

Purchase the right vacuum

Best Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Like New







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Vacuuming your floor often will help pick up debris and dirt that often leads to scratches or get particles in spots that are hard to sweep like corners. Make sure you utilize a soft-bristled attachment while vacuuming. Accessories that have beater bars quickly cause damage. Be sure to ensure the vacuums’ wheels don’t cause scratches either. Best Vacuum Expert has a list of the best vacuums for hardwood floors. If you find them a bit out of your price range, then please use it as a guide when selecting the best vacuum for your needs. 


Mop using a hardwood floor cleaner

Best Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Like New







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Although mopping and sweeping is simple enough, never make a mistake of using just any floor cleaner in your home. The soap could contain chemicals that can damage your hardwood flooring. Instead, get a cleaning product that’s specially formulated for the wood floor and only use a damp mop, not soaking one. Wood’s worst enemy is water, so ensure you wipe up all the excess water or spills fast with a clean, dry towel. 

Prevent scratches and dings using floor pads

Best Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Like New







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Furniture legs should have felt pads and be lifted off the floor each time you need to move them rather than scuffing them across your floor. Shoes, especially high heels should be removed at the door. Pet nails also need to be trimmed regularly. Keep in mind that any movements or heavy forces will cause the floor finishing to be damaged. If minor damage does occur be sure to repair it as soon as possible. Photo Credit: Hardwood Flooring Ideas

With these tips, it will be easier for your wooden floor to look like new for years even if you have kids and pets. If you really want to make sure your floors are taken care of, make sure you call in a professional cleaning service. They can make sure your floors stay looking brand new.