Want to be happier? Hire a cleaning company

Research suggests hiring a cleaning company can make you happier

Photo of a happy girl after her Calgary house cleaning

The old saying “money can’t buy happiness” might be true after all. Well, sort of anyways. Turns out that having money isn’t necessarily what makes you happy, but it’s the spending of the money that does. Again though, it kind of depends. We all want newer and shinier things, but turns out that buying time is what increases people’s happiness the most. A recent study done by the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School (these guys are pretty smart) and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (could they have picked a longer name?) has found some pretty interesting results. A  summary was posted by the CBC.

Relieving time stress

Interestingly, the researchers found that spending more on even small time-saving measures boosts happiness; for example, stopping at a more expensive organic market on the way home, as opposed to going out of your way to the usual grocery store. Naturally, this extends to having someone else do unwanted chores, like house cleaning.

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What the researchers think is happening in these instances is related to a concept known as ‘time stress’. Essentially, as a natural occurrence of our typically busy modern day lives, we are typically tight for time and always rushing around to get things done. Getting the kids ready in the morning, dropping them off for school, rushing to work, inhaling your lunch so that you can finish work, rushing to stop at the store on the way home, rushing from the store to pick up the kids, rushing from home to the kids hockey practice, and so on. This lack of time starts to add up and impact the happiness of people negatively.

Photo of a man relaxing after his Calgary house cleaning
Less time cleaning means more time for relaxing

Buying time is better than buying stuff

You might be wondering why you should hire WestMaids for biweekly cleaning services instead of buying that slick Maserati you’d been eyeing, ever since your rich dentist neighbour picked one up. Well, while the Maserati is pretty dang good, turns out you will be happier with our cleaning service. Don’t just take our word for it – it’s science.

To come to this conclusion, the researchers gave participants $40 to spend for each weekend. On the first weekend, participants were instructed to buy a material good of their choice (only a few hundred thousand short for a Maserati though), and on the second, participants were instructed to spend the money on a time-saving service; things like taking a taxi vs. transit, home services like lawn care and housecleaning, and errand-running services. They reported happiness from both results, and found that the money spent on buying time led to much higher happiness levels.

Another major point revealed by the study is that the amount of money doesn’t need to be large in order to bring about an increase in happiness. Researchers indicated that who spent money to buy time were spending less than $200 per month. With our recurring discount for clients, that’s more than enough for a monthly clean!

A house cleaning service saves you 120 hours per year

That fact right there is probably why time saving services lead to greater happiness. Sure that Maserati is pretty fast, but you’ll never get 120 hours of free time with it. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, each cleaning saves you 10 hours of work, so at a once per month cleaning this is a pretty infrequent service that will save you a lot of personal time. What would you do with an extra 120 hours per year? Here’s a couple of ideas

  • Solid extra 15 days of sleep (for those of us that are ultra productive)
  • You could drive to Edmonton and back 20 times (they do have some pretty great concerts, sometimes)
  • Take 6 round-trip flights to Europe

Okay, so maybe our ideas kind of suck. Check out this handy infographic for some better ones:

Infographic of how Calgary house cleaning saves people time
Thanks to All Set for the infographic

A clean home is a happy home

We are not the only ones to get great feedback from our customers on our services., and we don’t just mean the regarding the quality of work, either. Paul from Maid in Hoboken finds his customers have similar sentiments, “Our clients love coming home to a clean space” he says. “After a long day at work, the last thing they want to do is clean. Us having taken care of them means they can spend their limited time on things they actually enjoy doing”.

I guess now we can start saying that our services are backed by research. Just kidding of course, but if you’re finding that you love a clean home, you know now why. We’re always looking to take on new Calgary house cleaning clients as well. We’re also always happy to assist with any questions, either by phone or email. Make sure to also check out our super convenient online booking form.

Want to read the study we discussed in this blog post? You can find it here:

STUDY: Buying time promotes happiness



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