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5 Home Improvements That Won’t Upset Your Landlord

If you’re living in a rental house or apartment, you may feel like you can’t make many home improvements since it’s the property of the landlord. While intensive renovations may not be allowed, there are also a variety of simple home improvements that won’t upset your landlord and may even be welcomed. Here are five home improvements that are almost guaranteed to be landlord-approved:

1. Swap Kitchen/Bathroom Fixtures

Most landlords will have no problem with you installing new kitchen or bathroom fixtures as long as you keep the old ones around for other tenants and you don’t damage any walls. If you end up installing newer or more visually pleasing fixtures, the landlord may even thank you.

2. Brighten Up a Room

Another simple home improvement that your landlord should have no problem with is a change in the lighting of a room. If you prefer a communal area to be brighter, for example, you may swap out existing light fixtures for brighter ones; so long as you keep the old ones as well, your landlord isn’t likely to have an issue with it. This can be achieved with a light coat of paint too – surprisingly most landlords are comfortable with you painting a place so long as you can repaint to the old colour. It’s suggested that you choose a reliable painting service for this task. 

3. Window Treatments

If you want to add Venetian blinds or curtains to bare windows, your landlord will likely have no problem with it. Adding window treatments often makes units feel homier, which will benefit the landlord, but choose carefully. Particularly colorful or eye-catching curtains or drapes may be taken down by a landlord if they think it’s something a future tenant would hate.

4. Add Shelves

If you need more storage space but don’t want to bother your landlord by adding large trunks, wardrobes or bookcases, installing simple shelves is the way to go. Shelves can grant even small rental units extra storage space, and the landlord may also want to leave them up for the convenience of future tenants.

5. Add a Home Alarm System

If you’re concerned about feeling secure in your rental home, your landlord will likely allow you to install a home alarm system, as this will protect the property that is technically theirs. If possible, go for a wireless security system, as they’re usually less obtrusive to a home’s inhabitants and thus are more likely to be landlord-approved.

These are just a few home improvements that are likely to be approved by your landlord. A good general rule is that as long as the change represents a definite improvement and isn’t visually off-putting, your landlord should have no problem with the change, and may even welcome it. But most importantly, inform your landlord before making any home improvements, as ultimately, they own the property you’re living in. While you’re at it, have a look at this guide to recycling a house. Maybe housing components can be recycled, and it’s always great to minimize waste when possible, especially when it comes to construction which can generate a lot of waste. 

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