4 Tips To Ensure Cleaning Doesn’t Damage The Home

by Lana Miller - June 21, 2018

true cleaning solutions that people have used for generations are harmful to your home. Some cleaning methods cause more harm than good and should be avoided at all costs. The following guide walks you through a few cleaning methods that have been shown to be harmful to areas of a home.


Clean Your Cabinets the Right Way

Cleaning cabinets keep them looking great and protects them from dust and dander. Wood cabinet polishes should not contain wax as it will create a build up and silicone polishes can harm a cabinet finish. It’s best to mix vinegar and water in equal parts and use them to clean the cabinets. Not only will it remove dust and dander, but it will also sanitize them.


Don’t Scrub Your Carpets

4 Tips To Ensure Cleaning Doesn’t Damage The Home

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When something spills on a carpet, the first thing that many people do is start scrubbing up the area right away. Immediate scrubbing isn’t actually the ideal solution, because it can push the item into the carpet cause a stain to become embedded in carpet fibers. It’s best to blot the area instead of scrubbing it.

Clean Your Windows on Cloudy Days

Many people assume that they need to clean their windows on sunny days so that they can see if there are any areas that they missed. This is not a good idea because the sun can make the cleaning solution to dry quickly and cause streaking. Instead, clean your windows on a cloudy day with the crumpled newspaper. The newspaper will not leave fuzz behind that paper towels or rags will, and the solution will not dry quickly and cause streaking.

Don’t Spray Furniture Polish On Upholstery

A common misconception when caring for furniture is that furniture polish should be sprayed directly onto the furniture so that as much of the product as possible can soak into the furniture. Saturating upholstery with polish can stain the furniture or cause it to warp. Furniture spray should be sprayed onto a rag and then wiped onto furniture to clean it.

Taking the time to clean your home the right away will ensure that everything in your house lasts as long as it possibly can and looks great for years to come. If you do notice that you have damaged something over the years, have a professional come to your home to repair it and ensure that it is done the right way.