4 Home Update Ideas for Families with Young Children

by Lana Miller - June 21, 2018


If you have kids, the home that you originally designed may not be child-appropriate. If you find yourself in need of a few remodels, keep reading to get inspiration for a few projects that can make your house more kid-friendly!

Basement Play Space

The type of basement remodel you will do depends on what your basement looks like to start with. If your basement is unfinished, you could consider making it a large family space with lots of toy storage. You will thank yourself for this when you can easily tuck your child’s toys away in your basement! If your basement is already finished, see if you can incorporate a play space with storage to the room.

Backyard Playground

If you have a backyard space, consider making it a kid-friendly by installing a play area. If you have a small area, add a sandbox for your child to play in. Just remember to get something to cover it during the night so animals do not get into it!


If you have a little more room, you could add an actual playset with swings and a slide to your backyard. Other larger backyard play options include trampolines, basketball hoops, or even a treehouse. These all but guarantee hours of outdoor play, especially in the summer.

Egress Window Wells

Egress window wells are a great way to let more light into your basement, but they also function as an emergency exit from an area that can be very dangerous if a child becomes trapped. Having egress windows in your house will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that if something happened, you could safely and quickly exit your home with your kids.


The steps or ladders that are included with most egress window wells will make escaping the home a breeze. Another great feature of the egress window is that you can cover the space with a grate or a special cover for extra safety.

General Safety Updates

A few other small updates include installing latches on your existing cabinets and drawers to eliminate any smashed fingers or possible accidents. Adding in baby gates is another excellent idea, depending on the age of the child. Additionally, moving any fragile home decor out of a child’s reach is always a good idea for young kids.


Overall, you can incorporate these four remodel ideas to make your home more kid-friendly. Whether it is small updates like drawer latches or more substantial updates like basement or backyard remodels, or egress window wells, you are sure to make your home a safer space for you, your family, and children.


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